Blogging, the third

Or “Back to static content”. This is still some kind of dump for things I want to document. I will do this whenever I can imagine some public interest in it. My first approach to blogging used some hand written tool called PyCo. After havin some fun with this hand-crafted solution, I don’t want to maintain this cruft anymore and switched to wordpress. Now, I’m following the trends again (quite late, I know) switch to hugo.

Custom Linux on QNAP TS-673

Long long time ago… I installed a custom linux on my Lenovo EMC px6-300d. This machine served its purpose for almost 5 years. But now it’s somewhat aged and I feel like it is time to move on. My new System, a QNAP TS-673 is equipped with a AMD64 based CPU, 32GB of RAM, 6 HDD Bays and 4x GBE. But as usual, I’m not happy with the shipped software and want to have full control on the system without all that cloud-stuff and online-madness.

Linux on Lenovo-EMC px6-300d

Today I received my new storage solution / NAS / file server for my living room: a Lenovo EMC px6-300d. After booting it the first time, it comes up with a web interface. The interface looks nice but is sprinkled with non-free third-party apps like backup solutions, cloud storage and CCTV management. The tech spec shows, that the main board is a Intel Atom on and the running OS is Linux-Based.
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